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About US

About us

Guangdong Sunion Chemical & Plastic CO., LTD was founded on January 1st, 2001. Today, more than 19 branch companies and 4000 employees nationally. With independent import and export rights, it is a high-tech enterprise integrating advanced technology research, development and trading.

Main Business: production and marketing of high polymers, gases, construction, freight and warehousing, oil tank machinery cleaning, marine pollution control, etc.

Industrial Strength: We offer the best quality products. For example, we are the leading manufacturer of 2-ME with the best quality and purity. We have exported it to the United States, Russia, Japan and other 25 countries. Moreover, Sunion’s elastomer has been accepted by the leading enterprises in the global adhesive industry such as Germany Hankel, 3M and French Bostik.

Research and Development: Sunion has completed 23 projects with independent intellectual property rights. One product fills in the gaps of internal production. One project has been listed in the national torch plan. Sunion has 42 national patents,13 provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements,3 Guangdong Province Famous Trademarks, 7 Guangdong Top Brands, 1 national key laboratory Maoming engineering center, 1 Guangdong new research and development institution, 4 Guangdong engineering and technology research center.3 products are evaluated as local standard of Guangdong.1 independent research and development technology fills in the gaps of the world industrial.

Development Target: Under the guidance of national macroeconomic policies and industrial development planning, Sunion will adhere to the downstream direction of refined products, and focus on the development, production and marketing of organosulfur compounds and styrene and butadiene copolymer. In these two areas, we will do better and try to make more contribution to the national industrial.

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